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About Our Skincare

At Luna, the products we use matter. We focus on using organic, and effective products from skincare brands with strong ethics that line up with our own. Our products we use are free of parabens, animal by-products, sodium lauryl sulfates, harmful colorants and fragrances, mineral oils, petroleum, and other harsh cosmetic chemicals. They understand that their actions will affect the beauty industry in the years to come. That is why they take steps to reduce their carbon footprint, cut down on plastic, use sustainable farming practices, and ethically source their ingredients


Cultivating the finest plants depends on a keen awareness of the growth process: seed, soil, climate, expert farmers & crafters, and harvest. Only plants meeting our stringent criteria are skillfully extracted to create the highest quality products. When you see our Green Envee label, you know you’re receiving years of commitment and dedication to creating the purest ingredients. You don’t just have our word, you have our PURITY promise.

Personalized Organic Facial

$90 (60 Mins)
For each treatment, we will begin with a skin analysis. We then hand-select products to fit each individual's skin type and personal concerns. Addressing concerns involving, redness, aging, dehydration, or congestion. We focus on using our organic and clean products to reduce inflammation, protect your skin from environmental stressors, and stimulate cell turnover to acheive a renewed and glowing complexion.
Every facial includes extractions, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, acupressure, and guasha massage to help increase blood circulation, drain your body of toxins, and melt away the stress from your day.

*Personalized facial can be 100% vegan upon request

Although all of our products are ethically sourced, cruelty-free and organic, some of the products we use contain ingredients such as honey. To ensure we know to keep your service vegan, just be sure to let us know!

Chakra Balancing Gemstone Facial

$120 (75 Minutes)

Melt away the stress of your day by collectively pulling your skin and mind into balance. We utilize massage techniques such as guasha & acupressure to sooth your mind, and drain your lymphatic system (the reason a lot of us get puffy faces.) This sensory journey also includes healing aromatherapy, deep exfoliation, and a customized hydromask to ensure your skins ph is balanced and protected against environmental stressors. A variety of handpicked crystals are carefully mapped along your chakras, the result being better sleep, less stress, and an overall feeling of content. 

Renew Non-Chemical  Peel

$65 (45 Minutes)

 This gentle yet effective peel uses an infused blend of organic and medically effective ingredients designed to rebalance tired, stressed and dull-looking skin. Pumpkin-, pineapple-, papaya-, passion fruit- and mango enzymes deeply exfoliating leaving your skin smoother and more radiant. Organic aloe vera-based peptides, work to balance and regenerate the skin. Overall this powerful peel will preserve the youth and clarity of your skin.

While this peel contains highly potent anti-oxidants, it is chemical and paraben-free. 

This makes it perfect for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin!

Illuminate Brightening Peel

$65 (45 Minutes)

This peel targets and corrects all forms of pigmentation including acne scarring, dark spots sun damage, and melasma. This results-driven AHA peel combines the most innovative and effective botanical brighteners luminescence and seashine® with echinacea plant-derived stem cells and anti-aging peptides immediately leaving your skin appearing years younger and luminous.

 Clear Skin Perfection Peel

$65 (45 Minutes)

This peel is most beneficial for those with signs of advanced aging and moderate to severe acne. 

It consists of a concentrated blend of Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Resorcinol that work synergistically to quickly reduce the appearance of advanced aging and acne, leaving your skin rejuvenated and balanced!

Facial Service Enhancements

LED Light Therapy

$50 full service $35 add on 

Originally created by NASA to improve plant growth in space, LED (light-emitting diode) is a safe and effective treatment that has been found to stimulate your skin's natural healing response. The different colors reach various layers of your skin treating a multitude of skin concerns.

This service is beneficial to those with concerns involving acne, excess oil, fine lines, scarring, redness, inflammation, or sun damage.   


$50 add on 

Microneedling is a painless process, where a dermaroller covered in very short thin needles are gently rolled over your face and other problem areas. During this controlled process, micro-injuries are made in the skin that triggers your body's healing response. This makes your skin overproduce collagen and elastin which reduces the signs of aging and stimulates the healing of scar tissue. 

Beneficial to those concerned with aging, uneven skin texture, and acne scarring

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